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Annick Lautraite states that there are only four undisputed surviving works originally painted by Raphael on canvas289 :

The Trinity Standard c.1503 166x94
Baldassare Castiglione 1514-1515 82x67
Double Portrait 1519 99x83
The Sistine Madonna 1512/1513 265x196

She omits La Donna Velata which the Pitti describes as painted on canvas (dipinto su tela)290, and Putscher, who examined the painting out of the frame writes of Originalleinwand (original canvas)291. Both Camesasca292 and de Vecchi293 state that it is on panel; yet other examples of misleading mistakes in standard reference books.

Sylvie Béguin294 cites Shearman and Emile-Mâle, who observe that the canvas of Baldassare Castiglione is unusually fine. Annick Lautraite gives a thread-count of the Louvre’s two canvases (Castiglione and the Double Portrait) which

“…on average, is 16 vertical and 19 horizontal to the square centimetre.”295

The thread-count of the Tondo is on average 22 vertical and 25 horizontal to the square centimetre. This again is an exceptionally fine-woven canvas.

The canvas for the Sistine Madonna was described by Schlesinger in 1823 as

“fine, put together from three bits, yet quite strong and sound.”296

Excerpt from Dr Murdoch Lothian's PhD thesis 'The Methods Employed to Provenance and to Attribute Putative works by Raphael'

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