The de Brécy Tondo and it's relationship with Raphael's Sistine Madonna
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From the factual evidence alone it can be stated that the Tondo falls within the size range which Raphael used for similar work :

The diameters of Raphael's tondi (image size) are :

Connestabile Madonna 1504 17.9 cm.
Terranuova Madonna 1504-5 87.0 cm.
Holy Family with Palm 1506 101.4 cm.
Alba Madonna 1511 94.5 cm.
Madonna dei Candelabri 1513-14 65.0 cm.
Madonna della Sedia 1514 71.0 cm.
Leeswood Tondo   95.5-100 cm.


The canvas of the Tondo is a fine, plain, tabby weave and is of a type similar to that produced in sixteenth century Italy. Having examined (24 August 1989) the reverse of the Trinity Standard in Citta di Castello, it is possible to say that the fabric of the Trinity canvas seems to be almost identical to that of the Tondo: the fineness and the irregularity of the weave are comparable and the colour was the same earth red. The fabric of the standard, which is the original, appears to be in the same good condition as the Tondo's canvas. The standard is an interesting example of the fact that canvas from 1500 can survive without relining or strengthening.

Excerpt from Dr Murdoch Lothian's PhD thesis 'The Methods Employed to Provenance and to Attribute Putative works by Raphael'

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